Vegan Vs. Meat – The Experiment – Week # 3

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We’re on week number 3 and it is proving to be a challenge! However, no one said this was going to be easy, embarking on something so time consuming, when the days are getting shorter as the weeks wear on.
It’s not the diet that is proving to be my downfall. That was just a continuation of my current lifestyle, with some amazing new (to me) vegan protein products thrown in along the way. I’ve been feeling fuller for longer & less inclined to snack between meals – all down to the massive increase in my protein consumption? I have however put on weight, about 1.3kilos last time I checked, which is quite a lot – I do hope this is muscle gain though… We shall see.
My problem has actually been fitting everything in. So much planning has to go in to preparing and executing my meals, to ensure they have enough vegan protein, plus the right balance against fats and carbs. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners planned, weighed and cooked in advance, all take time. I’ve been rising early, in what feels like the middle of the night, to get to the gym before work – thank God for 24 hour gyms! And although I’d rather knock a session out in an hour at 6am, than take twice that long waiting for machines and weights after work, the early mornings begin to take their toll and it would be only too easy to roll over when my alarm sounds at 4:30am and stay in bed! 3rd early morning in a row today though, giving myself a well deserved rest tomorrow – with an extra hours sleep too, thank you Daylight Savings!
I’ve also not practised (yoga), on my mat at least, for a couple of weeks now… Though I like to think my yogic state of mind never leaves me, even when the asana (physical) practise may subside.
However, there have been some positive things happening at The Gym, Wood Green :
Last visit – 50% of the gym-ers in the free weights area were female!
Thursday am – 67%!
Friday am – 60%
Saturday am – 67%
Ok so there were only 4 or 5 of us there in total at the time, but you’ve got to start somewhere and outnumbering the boys in the here is always a good thing!
Also I’ve made a school-girl error in my squats. I’ve used the Olympic weights bar on the last 2 occasions, forgetting it weights 20kgs on its own! I’m only meant to be squatting 30-35kgs at the moment, but in my stupidity I’ve been adding this on top of the already 20kg bar! So I’ve actually been squatting 50-55kg! Smashing my 1 rep max of 40kgs, with still one week of training to go. I did wonder why I was finding the Olympic bar so much harder than the Smith machine… I did carry on with this increased weight this morning though, might as well stick with it and not wimp out now!
 VeganVsMeat Week 3 - 4
Physical observations :
* Although my muscle recovery is so much quicker than previously (no DOMS what-so-ever), training 3 mornings in a row has been tough – those last few reps getting increasingly harder to push through. However, in a way, I liked this. It showed me I’m pushing myself. I was beginning to worry I wasn’t working hard enough, hence no physical muscle soreness in the days after training
* I don’t like deadlifts, no matter how good you tell me they are for my legs or back. They are slow and boring. Also my forearm strength isn’t enough just yet. Those last few reps with 30kgs are a killer. I feel like my fingers are going to fall off. Thankfully they haven’t, yet.
* I sleep so much better on a day that I’ve trained than on other days, is this an obvious one? I’m experiencing the kind of deep sleeps where you hardly move, my duvet still tucked in at the bottom of the bed when I awake to the sound of my alarm. Actually, is this a good thing? Or is it exhaustion? Let me know your thoughts!
* Finally, exercise really is as good for the mind as it is for the body. On days when I’ve trained I manage to deal with the grind of daily life much better than on those days I don’t train. Yoga also does this for me obviously, but having not practised for nearly 2 weeks, I’m relieved to find I can still work out some issues on the weights, rather than my yoga mat.
I also have a confession to make. I’ve had a couple of PIG OUT sessions recently. I don’t know if it’s down to the restrictions of my current diet and having to focus on protein at every meal to ensure I consume enough at each and every meal time. So one night last week I ate a whole pizza (vegan of course) from Papa John, and one night this week I ate a whole family packet of Tyrrell’s crisps followed by homemade (by my fair hand) vegan brownies & (!!!) 2 or 3 (homemade again, obviously) protein squares! I think I just have 1 night a week when I NEED junk food – cheat days right??? And it’s vegan so could be worse, however I did feel awful after the crisps and brownies incident! Does anyone ever just binge?
So that’s been my training in week 3 of Vegan vs. Meat (vs. Fish). As always, keep up to date with our workout and diet progress here on my blog, on my Instagram (@isitveganuk), on the Training Temple Instagram (@trainingtemple) and blog also (

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