IsItVeganUK Goes to Barcelona – Day 2 : Saturday 1st November 2014 (World Vegan Day !!!)

Finally, here it is, my second, rather belated, post all about our beautiful vegan jaunt around Barcelona.

After a well-deserved lie in – we Londoners do work hard you know – and with a gorgeous sunny Catalonian day stretched out before of us, we once again decided to walk from our hotel down to the Gothic Quarter in search of more delicious vegan fare.

I had read about Gopal a few times whilst researching vegan Barcelona and had heard that they did quite a special chocolate donut, but we’ll get to that. Although we’d initially only intended to come to Gopal this morning for cakes and pastries, as it was brunch time we decided to order some of their delicious looking vegan burgers – they also sell these as part of their deli so you can take them home too. We really went for it, here’s what we ordered:

  • Spicy Mexican Bean Burger (me)
  • Teriyaki Bean Burger (the boyfriend)
  • Slice of Tortilla (to share)
  • Mango Smoothie (to share)
  • Chocolate Donut (to share, but really I ate most of it)
  • Cinnamon Swirl (to share, but I let the boyfriend have most… as I did devoured the donut!)


Now let’s talk about this chocolate donut. Chocolate has always been one of my favourite food groups. And since becoming vegan, I have loved baking new and different vegan treats. However, I never thought it would be possible to create something vegan that tastes the same as the non-vegan version. Hang on, let me be honest, this was better. It was so good that I came back every single day for another one, and have since tried to recreate at home… I’m still working on it.

Gopal Chocolate Donut

It was a good job we decided to walk absolutely everywhere on this trip. Actually, that’s something we tend to do on most of our city breaks. Perhaps this is why we eat so much, we need the sustenance for all the cardio! – Don’t break my bubble, please, I’m happy here in my delusion!

So to burn off some of this sugar, we walked to Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia and queued for tickets to go inside. We had an amazing visit here during our last Barcelona trip. We were a little bit tipsy and found ourselves outside this beautiful church at about 9pm. For some reason we decided to lay down on the pavement and lay looking up. We must have timed it just right, as at that moment, the outside lights were switched on and it was an amazing moment.

There is just something about Gaudi’s buildings, they just have an affect on me, so I was rather excited to go inside the Sagrada Familia. Unfortunately we weren’t able to go up the towers as they were fully booked for the day, which was disappointing, and so we went in the church only. I have to be honest; I was a little… not disappointed, but underwhelmed. Perhaps I’d built it up.

Anyway I digress, so back to the food. After a short pit stop at the hotel, we headed back out and straight to Ocana in Placa Reial, a lovely little square of bars and restaurants just off La Rambla.


We went here for drinks on our last visit to Barcelona, so decided to go again this time to enjoy a bottle of wine and perhaps some vegan starters. We started with “the usual” of olives and coca bread with tomatoes. However then we saw a plate of absolute deliciousness go past. After a brief enquiry with the waiter as to whether any cheese was involved in their creation – it wasn’t – we ordered these…

 Ocana Jalepenos

We weren’t sure if they were jalapeños or simply green chillies, but they were one of the best things we ate in Barcelona and something we are definitely going to recreate back home. I’d definitely recommend you hunt some of these down if you find yourself in Barcelona.

After a bottle of wine and some delicious starters to kick off the night, we went in search of our next vegan delicacy, from Maoz. Actually it wasn’t that hard to find, stumbling distance in fact. We are BIG fans of falafel and that’s all this place does, so here’s what we ordered:


You can choose from white or wholemeal pittas. Though don’t try to order “wholemeal” in English, it doesn’t translate. If you’re as ignorant of the beautiful Spanish language as I am, simply go with “brown”. They fry about 5 falafel balls for you, add to your pitta, which will have been smeared with houmous (mmmmm) and you can then add your own choice of accompaniments. All the usual suspects are here – salads, chillies, pickles, cauliflower & broccoli salad – which was delicious -, sundried tomatoes etc. and we smeared ours in tahini dressing!

And then, to top off the evening, and because we hadn’t already eaten enough, we went in search of Gelato Di Marco, because I’d heard they did some amazing vegan gelato, and after a delicious evening, I wanted a sweet vegan treat.

 Gelato Di Marco

I went with cinnamon and chocolate flavour. The chocolate was good (obviously), the cinnamon was just OK, but mixed together they were great!

Because we didn’t fancy rolling home, we decided to get a taxi back to the hotel, our only use of public transport throughout our entire trip, but well deserved I think. We had done World Vegan Day proud!!!

So there’s still another 1 and a half days of vegan treats and delicacies for me to tell you about, but for now that’s it, the end of day 2. The third installation will follow soon…

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