Ethos Foods – New “Deliciously Different” Vegetarian Restaurant

Having something to celebrate on Saturday night, and having recently read a lot about new vegetarian restaurant Ethos, we decided to give it a go.
A self service restaurant, serving only meat free food, with plenty of vegan dishes on offer too, Ethos is very similar to Tibits, in making buffet style dining seem posh.
The interior is unique, with trees growing inside – right up my plant based street – with the waiters dressed smartly in white shirts and blue braces, always on hand should you have any questions on the food or drinks on offer.
The idea is simple, fill your plate with whatever delicacies take your fancy, have your plate weighed and then pay by the weight. Having been caught out by my own greed once before in Tibits – paying £18 for one plate of food, made from mostly veggies! – I was more reserved this time but still devoured a delicious and filling plate, but for only £11.
* Seitan Ribs – Spiced rubbed seitan ribs, marinated
& smoked on the BBQ. Delicious eaten with lashings of our hot
sauce. Vegan.
* Dengaku Nasu – Japanese miso-roasted aubergine.
Vegan & Gluten free.
* Thai Sweetcorn Fritters – Thai-style fritters with
lemongrass. Vegan.
* Eritrean Mango & Cucumber Salad – Spicy, tangy yet
refreshing salad of cucumber and mangoes. Dressed with a peanut
sauce with a kick. Vegan & Gluten free.
* Glass of vegan Viognier (me)
* Carrot, apple and orange juice (the boyfriend – he’d had a heavy one the night before!)
* Chocolate cupcake
* Peanut butter “bombs”
The food was delicious, I mean really good! However, as is always the case with this type of dining, the plate doesn’t feel like a complete meal, rather a selection of lots of different starters. I actually like this way of eating, starters have always been my favourite part of any meal, closely followed by dessert – especially if chocolate based!
The seitan “ribs” were unlike anything I have ever eaten before, with almost the exact texture of beef – which may put some vegans off. I however tend to think it proves that no one actually needs to eat meat to enjoy these kind of flavours and textures. I had never heard of seitan before, but after some quick post dinner research, I’ve come to learn it is “wheat gluten” and is actually commonly referred to as “wheat meat” and I can definitely see why!
The use of fruit in their salads added just that necessary hit of sweetness to counteract the richness of the “ribs” and miso aubergine – so perhaps some thought has gone in to creating a whole plate of food that goes together and compliments each other.
I was disappointed that although the menu offered all vegetarian and vegan
wines, there wasn’t a vegan red wine on offer (my dinner time drink of choice), or even a vegan Prosecco – despite there being so many great options available, even on the high street. So instead I opted for a glass of vegan Viognier, while the boyfriend went for a juice – to counteract the previous night’s indulgence – although he says it’s because of how much he enjoyed Teresa Carles’ juices in Barcelona.
The dessert was good, but not as impressive as the rest of the food. The peanut butter “bombs” could be too rich for some, but I enjoyed it, even after eating the majority of the chocolate cupcake too.
Would I go again? Most definitely! And with a take away service on offer, I might even pop in to grab lunch on the go. Plus if you visit on a Monday, quoting “Meat Free Monday”, you’ll be treated to a free dessert, as long as you spend £10 / person on food.
You should definitely check this place out if you’re in Central London, or even make the trip specifically to try out a new place with an inventive take on veggie and vegan dining.
Come back soon for more vegan recipes, tips, brands and products. In the meantime check out my Instagram – @isitveganuk.

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  1. Brittany says:

    This looks so good, especially that cupcake.


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