Valentina Fine Italian Food – East Sheen


If you ever find yourself in East Sheen – I know, it’s a long shot, but that’s exactly where I found myself this Wednesday evening – I can highly recommend Valentina for some fine Italian dining.
I decided to show my love for one of my beautiful best friends, Hollie, by making the 3 hour round trip to East Sheen, to see her beautiful new flat. In return she showed her love for me, by contacting a few of her favourite local restaurants, to see if any of them could rustle me up some vegan delicacies.
The first to respond was Valentina, and so that’s where we found ourselves, plus another of our best friends, the lovely Kate, at 210 Upper Richmond Road West.
After a quick study of the menu and a brief chat with the waitress and the chef, we made our selections.
Starters to share :
* OLIVONI £2.95 (V) (GF)
Giant green olives from Puglia
* PRIMAVERA £2.95 (V)
A selection of mushrooms, olives, sun dried tomatoes, garlic and artichokes marinated in olive oil
* CIPOLLE £2.95 (V)
Baby onions pickled in balsamic vinegar
 And then the pizzas:
A selection of mixed vegetables on a tomato base, finished with extra virgin olive oil (ME)
San Daniele ham, mozzarella, rocket and parmesan shavings with a black truffle dressing (KATE)
* CALABRESE (Piccante – Spicy) £10.45
Mozzarella, basil and tomato topped with spicy Ventricina salami and finished with chilli oil (HOLLIE)
The food was all delicious. I wolfed down my whole pizza, whilst my 2 besties struggled – I put it down to all that cheese! Less cheese, more pizza ladies, it’s the way forward.
No room for dessert, so we called it a night – I had a long journey ahead of me. All in all, a very enjoyable meal and the kind people at Valentina went over and above by recommending things that were suitable for my vegan diet.
Valentina is also an Italian deli, so would be a great place to pop for a morning coffee and maybe pick up something yummy for lunch.
I would recommend – if you ever find yourself round that way!
Come back soon for more vegan recipes, tips, brands and products. In the meantime check out my Instagram – @isitveganuk.

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