Jamie Oliver’s Vegan Christmas Menu

Jamies Vegan Xmas

Since turning my diet and life around this year, I’m constantly on the lookout for great vegan recipes and cooking inspiration. A surprise find has been Jamie Oliver’s vegan offerings – his vegan shepherd’s pie becoming a recent favourite. So I was over joyed to find that yesterday he posted a whole vegan Christmas menu BuzzFeed, featuring mushroom roll canapés, nut roast, vegan gravy, whole roasted cauliflower and every vegans favourite sweet treat, chocolate brownies, these ones perfectly paired with dairy free vanilla ice cream!

Jamies Vegan Xmas2

Jamies Vegan Xmas3

Jamies Vegan Xmas4

Jamies Vegan Xmas5

Jamies Vegan Xmas6

Jamies Vegan Xmas7

This will be my first Christmas as a vegan and I was finding the whole thing a little daunting. I was going to spend this weekend trawling the internet for vegan inspiration, but Jamie has very kindly done all the hard work for me!

I’m going to add a couple of extras : tofu scramble with vegan hollandaise for breakfast, Brussel sprouts with tempeh “bacon” as an additional lunch accompaniment, homemade chestnut stuffing, all the usual roasted veggies – maple syrup roasted parsnips, potatoes, carrots etc…

I’m going to give the mushroom rolls a try for our Christmas party next weekend, wish me luck! If our meat eating friends enjoy, they’re sure for be a success on Christmas day.

Come back soon for more vegan recipes, tips, brands and products. In the meantime check out my Instagram – @isitveganuk.


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