Crabbie’s Vegan Sauces


Whilst Crabbie’s use fish products in the finishing process of their Ginger Beers, I have just discovered that their 2 sauces are vegan!

I was searching for pickles & chutneys to go with Boxing Day’s bubble & squeak – I didn’t want to have to drag myself to the shops – and I found a pre-veganism bottle of Crabbie’s Ginger Spiced Sweet Chilli sauce at the back or our cupboard. As all vegans do, I immediately checked the back for the ingredients list, but there was no need as Crabbie’s have labelled these sauces suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

After a little research I discovered the other sauce – Sweet Ginger Splash – is also vegan. Not only that, but they are both gluten free, and whilst our sweet chilli one went great with leftover bubble & squeak, the sweet ginger splash has been designed to add “zing” to puddings, cakes, fruit & ice cream – sounds like a winner to me!

Although these are not new products, it’s great to see that a well known brand have branched out in to a different range of products, and they’ve specifically made them suitable for vegans. Bravo Crabbie’s, now you just need to adjust your beer finishing process to exclude the use of fish!


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