Planet Organic


Have you heard of Planet Organic? I actually thought it was an American store and until recently I had no idea that there was one almost on my doorstep in Islington, North London.

Last night I had some time to kill whilst waiting to meet the boyfriend for dinner (veggie burgers at Nandos, in case you’re interested), so I decided to venture along Essex Road to check it out.

I thought I was already aware of most veggie & vegan brands and products, but last night I really had my eyes opened.

I walked down each aisle, meticulously scanning each shelf for new and exciting (for me anyway) things I could eat. This is what I found :

I had no idea just how many products Biona produce. I’m already a fan of their rye breads, and I’ve often purchased their tins of beans or lentils for casseroles & stews, but did you know they also make pasta, biscuits, cereals, milks, oils, nut butters, spreads…. And so much more but I don’t want to bore you. Check out their website if you’re interested, and I guarantee you’ll find it at Planet Organic!


Just before Christmas I had been searching high & low for some tempeh, as I wanted to make “bacon” for Christmas morning breakfast, but I could not find it anywhere…


So of course Planet Organic had some, along with a huge selection of flavoured, smoked & marinated tofu, falafel & fresh (egg free) pastas from brands such as Clear Spot, Oasis, Biona, Taifun, Impulse Foods, Laura’s Idea (which is also stocked in Budgens of all places!), Explore Asia… Honestly, the list goes on.



Of course it would have been rude to not check out the chocolate too. All the usual suspects were there – Green & Blacks, Om Bar, Conscious, Booja Booja, Seed & Bean…, along with some I’d not seen or heard of before – Go*Do, Montz and Blanxart to name a few. I also stumbled across the much publicised (within the vegan community at least) Vego bar . Although as far as I could see they only had the large variety, and it was a bit pricey, so the search for its newer smaller, and hopefully more reasonably priced, sibling goes on.


Whilst we’re on the subject of price, Planet Organic is not cheap. I don’t think I’d do my regular weekly shop there, though they did have a great range of organic fruit & veg.


However if I was looking for something specific, tempeh for example, or tofu and spices cappelletti tri colore pasta, or even raw vegan flatbreads, I’d definitely head here for supplies.


All in all a wonderful little store and I’ll definitely be heading back, either just to kill some time window shopping, or to scout out that perfect vegan product, this place is a new favourite!


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