Banana Tree – Indochinese in Soho (& other locations)


Last night I met up with one of my best (non-vegan, but I don’t hold it against her) friends for drinks & dinner. She suggested Banana Tree, which I had never heard of, but further investigation proved they have 6 branches in London (one of which is in Islington), along with 2 more outside London – I can’t believe I haven’t heard of or been here before!

They label themselves as “the home of fantastic food, drinks and fun from the Indochina region.
Award winning restaurant, serving great Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Singaporean dishes.
Come and enjoy our customers’ favourite Pan Asian dishes with inspiring Oriental cocktails in a relaxed and buzzing atmosphere!” I was sold.


They offer a few vegan options on their menu, but the selection isn’t vast. Luckily my friend is happy to eat veggie & vegan so we often share. This time we ordered the only vegan starter to share & the only 2 vegan mains, also to share.

Here’s what we ate :


* Street Style Crispy Dough
A light and chewy Indochinese style dough served with our signature Kajang Satay sauce (one of the most delicious things I have eaten recently!)


* Gaeng Keo Wan
Aromatic Thair curry cooked with green spice paste, sweet basil, lime leaves, peppers, bamboo shoots & coconut milk – with Tofu (of course)


* Tamarind Spicy Aubergine
Sweet, tangy, spicy and simply delicious! Tamarind, peppers, carrot, spicy bean paste, garlic and ginger are used in this mouth-watering dish

Each dish was absolutely delicious & unique. We also took advantage of the Banana Tree Combo, which allows you to add an Indo House Salad, sweet corn cakes, Indo Viet rackers, & steamed jasmine rice to your meal for an additional £3.50. It was just the right amount of food. I was full but not stuffed – perfect!

The price is reasonable – though I always think restaurants over charge for what is essentially vegetables. Each main was £7.60, or £11.10 if you choose to add the combo, which I believe to be pretty average for a main meal in London.

They also have happy hour from open to 7pm when drinks are buy one get one free, but unfortunately we’d just missed it.

This is a great restaurant, busy with plenty of atmosphere and most importantly the food is amazing.

Their website states that their menu options may vary by location, so I’ll definitely be trying the Islington branch soon – I’ll report back.


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