Vegan Brunch at Maison D’Être in Islington

To celebrate having the day off work together today, we decided to take a stroll to Upper Street for coffee. Whilst there we got a little peckish and thought we’d treat ourself to brunch.

Being vegan I’m sure you can appreciate that deciding to eat out on a whim like this, with no preparation or planning, can sometime cause an issue.

Firstly, what do you fancy to eat?

Secondly, where on earth can you find that near by?

After checking a few menus outside restaurants – Browns, Cote Brasserie – we still weren’t sure what we wanted or where to go to get it.

Then I did something very unlike me & made a decision! I fancied avocado on toast & with that the boyfriend knew exactly where to go.

So we headed to Maison D’être on Canonbury Road and here is the menu. Short, concise but with plenty of options for vegans, vegetarians & all :


I couldn’t decide between 2 delicious sounding “on toast” options so the lovely boyfriend suggested we share them – he’s good to me!

Here’s what we ate :

* Avocado, chilli flakes, lemon & rocket on toasted seeded rye bread

* Marinated grilled aubergine & courgette, guacamole & tomato salsa on toasted seeded rye bread

They also had a special of the day, not on the menu – dairy free (I loved it already!) kale soup. While we didn’t order this, it definitely sounded tasty and even made me think of a potential vegan recipe for the IsItVeganUK kitchen some time soon!

As promised we shared and washed it down with tap water which had been bottled with fresh mint leaves – a great thought.


This is a great little place & I can’t believe I haven’t been here before. I’ll definitely bear it in mind for the next time I fancy brunch… You may find me there again this weekend.


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