La Polenteria – Old Compton Street, Soho

Whilst en route to meet a friend for a drink in Soho last week, I stumbled upon La Polenteria – a new Italian restaurant whose menu revolves around polenta-based dishes and desserts.


I am a new comer to the world of polenta, but the boyfriend has long been a fan. He recently made some polenta and mushroom cakes that were divine, so I am quite excited about this new family-run venture on Old Compton Street.

They use traditional Italian recipes, and only the highest quality, natural produce, with no GMO ingredients. Which means what….? They have some specifically vegan menu options and they highlight them on their menu!


With a range of hearty main meals (vegan, vegetarian or meat/fish based), healthy salads, desserts and coffee, there’s something for everyone. I think this will be a great little spot to visit with a group of friends and everyone will be able to find something they like whether vegan, veggie, pescetarian or carnivore.


The added bonus – all their dishes are prepared freshly on the premises, which is one up on some other restaurants I have recently visited. Busaba, for example, couldn’t prepare me anything to eat when I recently visited them for a work lunch. This was a shock as I thought their food would also have been prepared freshly in their onsite kitchens, but apparently not. They informed me a lot of it comes in pre-packaged?!!

So I’ll definitely be checking La Polenteria out soon. Be sure to check back for the review. I may even see you there!


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