Veganuary Vegan for 1 Week – Day 1 Monday 26/Jan 2015

As a thank you for helping a colleague out at work, she said she’d be vegan for 1 week during Veganuary. After much discussions, 6 more girls jumped on board, and so this week me +6 meat eaters and 1 veggie embarked on 1 week of veganism for Veganuary. Between us we devised a cunning plan to make it an easy transition for everyone : 5 of us would make a lunch that everyone could share, the others would provide snacks and vegan staples like almond milk, Pure olive spread, fruit etc.

After much discussion about what is and isn’t considered vegan (honey was a bit of a debating point!), everyone embarking on a weekly shop at the weekend, sending me photos for confirmation along the way…

Marissa’s shopping

Faye’s weekly shop

I thought I’d share with you our findings along the way, plus some of the amazing recipes that were created – Lynne’s homemade sundried tomato bread was a personal favourite!

I’ll post each day’s food and recipes separately, so check back to follow our journey throughout the week.

Kicking off the week was:

🌿Monday – Amy’s roasted vegetables with houmous and salad in pitta breads


“Mine was super easy –

Roasted Veg:

🌿 Chopped courgettes, chopped red and yellow peppers, quartered red onions, whole cherry tomatoes and quartered round toms – all in a baking tray or 3!
🌿 Then a small drizzle of oil and in the over.
🌿 Reduced Fat Houmous and Wholemeal Pittas from M&S!!”

Amy served her lunch up in individually wrapped, packed lunches – a great idea and greedily received by all!

Here’s what Amy had to say of the experience:

🌿 “I enjoyed discovering different foods, doing it all together was really good fun especially the communal cooking/eating aspect.
🌿 Made me try new things and actually re-try things I didn’t think I liked e.g. tofu – Kelly’s was so much tastier than banana tree!!
🌿 Feeling-wise, I don’t think it really did much for me because of the change in diet making me feel very full, heavy and bloated. Started to ease up slightly on Saturday though so I’m sure would get better the longer you did it and your tummy got used to it.
🌿 I did really struggle with energy and had headaches the first few nights but I’m not sure if this was down to the diet?? Possibly just getting used to the change and needing much more water.
🌿 Put on 2 pounds in 4 days!! I only weighed myself part way through and haven’t done again yet – trying not to too often.
🌿 In terms of eating and cooking etc. it was easier than I thought as long as you have time to prep and plan – not very easy for just quick ad hoc meals that I found anyway – ended up with jacket and beans the first night as hadn’t planned!!”

Amy also said she particularly liked Lynne’s Chick Pea & Tomato Stew (more of which to follow soon), along with her homemade sun dried tomato bread (proved popular with everyone!) and would like the recipe.

Amy you won’t have long to wait…


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