Weekend Plans?

This is the first weekend I’ve had in a while that is completely free.

After a long week of Birthday celebrations & a late night Jivamukti session at Training Temple in Enfield last night, I treated myself to a lie in this morning.

Here’s how I plan to spend the rest of my free dream weekend :

1. Home yoga practice – check ✔️
2. Make myself some Deliciously Ella Vegan Banana Pancakes for breakfastcheck✔️

3. Catch up on this week’s Scandal – in progress
4. Take my pups to lunch with my bestie, Amy
5. Take a leisurely walk, either to Inspiral in Camden or SSOV in King Cross
6. Then movies & vegan take out at home tonight

Tomorrow will include more yoga, coffee with the boyf, pup walks, topped off with drinks + band watching with yogi friends in the evening!

So my question to you, if you could spend it however you wish, what would your dream weekend include?

🍃Would you see friends or indulge in some alone time?

🍃Exercise or pamper?

🍃Veg or venture out?

🍃Foods and drinks or an intense juice cleanse?


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