We LOVE Raw Chocolate Class – Yuuga Kemistri

Tomorrow I shall be spending 3 divine hours at Yuuga Kemistri, learning how to make raw chocolate from scratch.

Having recently purchased a fresh bag of raw organic cacao powder, I’m excited to find new uses for this gorgeously nutritious ingredient !!

All images courtesy of Yuuga Kemistri

“3 hours of Love affaire with food. We love chocolate for the health benefits it brings us, loads of Magnesium and good minerals. Having a bite of chocolate brings on a feeling of pleasure and excitment. Eating the right Chocolate makes all the difference. In this class you learn to make raw chocolate from scratch and enjoy it life long on the lips with no guilt on the hips! 

Price £95

Classes are on Sundays and Wednesdays in Bristol and Saturdays in London. Fully booked until Christmas.

Contact us for dates and availability


Check back in on Sunday for a detailed review of the class. I’m sure I’ll also be posting to Instagram throughout the day, so keep up with how I’m getting on @isitveganUK.


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  1. It was good meeting you on Saturday and making the raw chocolate nib cookies. Really like your blog 🙂 Emma

    Liked by 1 person

    1. isitveganuk says:

      Hi Emma,
      I hope you’re well? It was great to meet you yesterday too! Glad you like my blog, I’ll make sure to check back in with yours again soon!
      Kelly x


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