Yuuga Kemistri – Raw Chocolate Class

I recently purchased from Groupon a Raw Chocolate Class with Yuuga Kemistri. Yesterday I cashed it in and was lucky enough to spend a few hours with Asa Maria Bjornsdottir, Yuuga Kemistri founder, + about 16 other attendees.

Asa Maria Bjornbotti

Asa kicked off the class by telling us a little about her raw food lifestyle. Here is how she describes it on her Yuuga Kemistri website :

YUUGA Kemistri was founded by Asa, the creator of the EATING RAW FOR REAL BEAUTY programme.  YUUGA Kemistri is all about passionate living and nurturing body, mind and spirit the natural way.   Following a RAWLICIOUS plant-based lifestyle is super-sexy and enhances the real beauty within. 

Asa was born in Iceland and has lived in five different countries since leaving Iceland in 1986.

As a child, she didn’t like the taste or texture of meat, but it wasn´t until she started living on her own that she discovered the body didn’t need meat in order to survive – contrary to what she was told during her upbringing.

In her own words: “I truly believe that Food is your Medicine“. In 2004, after being vegetarian for years,  she became a vegan and started experimenting with Raw Food. She immediately felt a beneficial effect on her health.

As a tool in healing herself, Asa studied Nutrition while still living in Norway.  There, she taught Yoga at one of Oslo’s top Holistic Health Centres and ran a vegetarian cafe.

The combination of Yoga, healthy diet and natural and organic skin care, brought Asa to a life changing decision  – and 
YUUGA Kemistri was born!

Asa says: “Food has always been my passion and I’m in love with Life and Healthy Living.  I’m truly committed to sharing with love and compassion my knowledge and expertise.  I want others to experience the benefits from incorporating ‘some raw’ on their own journey of good health, happiness, success and longevity.

Welcome to my class!
Love and Gratitude

This class specifically focused on raw chocolate. We split in to groups & made 6 different recipes between us :

  • 🌱 “Bounty” coconut bars
  • 🌱 Lavender infused, cacao covered bananas
  • 🌱 Cacao + dehydrated strawberry chocolates
  • 🌱 Cacao + blueberry jam chocolates
  • 🌱 Cacao chocolate torte
  • 🌱 Cashew, coconut + cacao cookies

My group, made up of the lovely Natalie & Emma, were in charge of the raw cookies. Here’s how we got on :

What we used :

  • 🌱 2x cups ground cashews
  • 🌱 1/2x desiccated coconut
  • 🌱 1x rolled oats
  • 🌱 1/3x maple syrup / agave nectar (half of each)
  • 🌱 1x tablespoon coconut nectar
  • 🌱 1x teaspoon vanilla
  • 🌱 1/2x teaspoon pink Himalaya salt
  • 🌱 1x cup cacao nibs

How we did it :

  • 🌱 Blend all the dry ingredients, except the salt, together

  • 🌱 Stir in cacao nibs, syrups + vanilla

  • 🌱 Divide in to cookies & sprinkle with the salt
  • 🌱 Either dehydrate overnight at 118F or use oven with door slightly open
  • 🌱 Or add 1/3 cup melted coconut oil & leave cookies to set in fridge for at least 20 minutes
  • 🌱 Once set, form in to desired shape & size

Raw cacao cookies

They weren’t the most attractive of the bunch, but they certainly were one of the most delicious. I’ll definitely be recreated these at home!!

Here are the other raw delicacies :

Raw torte

Cacao + blueberry jam chocolates

Raw lavender infused cacao + coconut covered bananas

Raw cacao + dehydrated strawberry chocolates

My favourites were the raw cacao torte + our cacao cookies, but I could have happily munched my way through the whole lot!

I’d definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn a little more on how to create delicious & absolutely nutritious raw chocolate treats at home. Keep an eye out for it again on Groupon, as this was an absolute bargain; usually £95 full priced, I got this for a snip at only £29!

Asa also offers lots of other various raw classes :

  • 🌱 Raw Greentox Dinner Class
  • 🌱 raw Food Dinner Party
  • 🌱 Raw Beauty
  • 🌱 7 Day Detox
  • 🌱 Health Naturally – Individual Consultation
  • 🌱 Yuuga Yoga – in both Bristol + London

Let me know if you attend any of Yuuga Kemistri’s other classes, I’d love to hear how you get on.


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