The Coconut Collaborative

I’ve been vegan for 10 months now, not long when I have a whole lifetime ahead of me, but it does mean I’m still discovering new brands all the time & that’s always exciting!

This week I stumbled across The Coconut Collaborative, in Tesco of all places! Have you heard of them?

I am so into coconuts at the moment; I’m using coconut oil in everything, covering vegan treats in coconut flakes, considering purchasing some coconut sugar, I even nicknamed one of my pups “my little Coco-nut”… So I was looking forward to trying some of these coconut based yoghurts.

Created by self proclaimed “coconutters”, aiming to spread the coconut love near and far:

“our mission

In the beginning there was the coconut and we saw that it was good. That’s why we’re on a mission to spread the coco-love far and wide by bringing together like-minded coconutters so you can enjoy the coco-clever things they make. And at the same time, we’re determined to give something back to the planet and it’s people, so we’re planting coconut trees, helping farmers and supporting charities.”

Dairy, soya and gluten free, Coconut Co yoghurts are made from coconut milk, sometimes with the addition of fruits, but I decided to try out the plain variety..

Natural Coconut Yoghurt

I’m not sure that I’ve ever eaten coconut yogurt before. I always enjoyed plain or Greek yoghurts before becoming vegan, but have been a bit apprehensive about trying other vegan yoghurt products, usually because they’re soy based, which I try not to consume too much of.

So I was excited to try this natural one & devoured it with homemade vegan chilli, as a soured cream replacement, and it was delicious. The coconut flavour went so well with the hot & spicy chilli, but it would equally go as well with musli, granola or fruit for breakfast too.

I’d thoroughly recommend and am looking forward to am trying out some of the other fruitier varieties. They even do frozen yogurt too, which has given me the idea of using coconut milk in my vegan “nice” creams at home!

Frozen Coconut Yoghurt

Check out their website for more info, products, including ingredients & nutritional lists. You can join their mailing list, enter competitions and find out about the other “coconutter” brands too!


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