Vegan Easter Eggs

Do you have a vegan in your life? We can be hard to buy for, especially when the gift is food related. So I thought I’d round up some of the great vegan Easter eggs and chocolatey treats available for all the vegans in your life!

1. Hotel Chocolat have a great selection of vegan friendly chocolates and this Easter they haven’t disappointed with a Milk-Free Milk Goose Egg, Milk-Free Milk Scrambled Egg, Dark Egglets and Milk-Free Milk Bunnies, priced between £3.75 – £15. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know I was given a box of dark chocolate vegan bunnies by a friend at work, which I can’t wait to crack open!

Hotel Chocolat


2. Marks & Spencer have also jumped aboard the vegan wagon with their dairy-free Easter egg this year. Did you also know that Colin the Caterpillar’s range is now 100% vegetarian. Not quite vegan, but a step in the right direction! Priced at £6 with an added dairy-free chocolate bar too.

Marks & Spencer

3. Booja Booja have some beautiful hand-painted, papier-maché Easter eggs made in Kashmir, India & hand-packed in Norfolk with delicious chocolate truffles. Perfect for friends or loved ones who adore chocolates & beautiful things. Dairy, gluten, soya-free and organic. Available at Holland & Barretts and Waitrose, among others. Small eggs, 3 truffles RRP £9.99. Large eggs, 12 truffles, RRP £24.99. 

Booja Booja

4. Choices Dairy-Free Confectionery is a brand I wasn’t aware of, until a lovely friend of mine bought me the below Easter Egg yesterday! It was delicious and great find a new, potential favourite, brand. Available at Holland & Barretts, priced around £2.79.

Choices Confectionery

5.  Plamil have made an organic, fair trade, vegan Easter Egg. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying this one (yet) but it comes highly recommended by PETA and topped their list of vegan Easter treats this year. It’s only £3.69 and available at Holland & Barrett and other independent health-food stores.


6. I’ve had a couple of Moo Free‘s bunny bars before. They were nice but not necessarily the richest vegan chocolate I’ve had. Their Easter egg however, is made with organic rice milk, infused with vegan-friendly honeycomb toffee! Find it for around £4.25 at Waitrose, Holland & Barrett and many other health-food shops and online retailers.

Moo Free

7. Fancy something different to a regular Easter egg? Divine have made these Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs. £4.25 from Oxfam, Tesco & Waitrose, or online from their website. They do regular eggs too, priced around £10.



7. Last but no means least, Green & Black haven’t forgotten about us vegans this Easter. If you’re a dark chocolate fan, these are the ones I would buy. They have a huge selection, ranging from about £12 – £38. Watch out though, though most of their dark chocolate is accidentally vegan, they still use dairy products in their milk chocolate.

Green & Blacks


Let me know if you’ve found any other great vegan Easter treats out their. I’m sure there are so many more!


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