My Vegan Kitchen

Bio: I’m a recent vegan convert: May 2014 – forever. Toying with the idea for quite some time, the health benefits seemed obvious and from immersing myself in a world of yoga, I wanted to practice “non-violence” in all aspects of my life. In the end, it was actually my boyfriend, a long time meat lover who asked me if I would do it with him. In all honesty, he had been part of the reason I hadn’t already made the change, so his suggestion was a dream come true and so we embarked on this journey together, glad that we had come to the same conclusion – al-be-it via separate means. Him - concerned about his health and looking to get in to shape; me - to extend my yoga practice past my mat; both – to save the animals! We’ve seen some dramatic changes, physically and mentally. And despite the odd lazy moment when it might have been easy to slip back in to old fast food habits, the transition hasn’t really been that difficult. We’ve enjoyed discovering new ingredients, recipes and brands. And that’s why I’m setting up this blog. To help like minded people overcome the little bumps and hurdles, that we all face when living out a vegan lifestyle in a meat-loving world. From new restaurants we’ve discovered, to dishes and beverages you can order in your old favourite haunts. I’ll pass on recipes I’ve discovered, sometimes adapted from my non-vegan past. Recommend brands and products I’ve discovered, that suit my lifestyle and more often than not, do the job better than my old “designer” branded products, whilst being kind to me, the animals and the environment. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey, as much as I am enjoying living it.

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